Each Peace Corps Volunteer timeline is different.  I was extremely lucky on mine, I got accepted my first try and had a very short timeline. I would not recommend doing it like this, I would recommend applying much earlier! Also, the new application process will change things!


  • Submitted Application
  • Completed Assignment Selection (Youth and Development- Morroco/Youth and Development- Philippines/Go anywhere- Do anything) In hindsight I would have not done this because I have learned that Youth and Development and Morroco is the most sought after placement and country.
  • Completed Health History Form


  • Notified that I was being considered for South Africa. Since I did not apply for this location, I had no clue what the assignment was.


  • Skills Addendum Requested


  • Interview Requested
  • Received more information on my placement


  • Scheduled interview for 2/10/17
  • Received notification that my legal kit was being sent


  • Interview by phone because I could not get the video call to work


  • Legal kit arrived
  • Received invitation

2/14/17 (Happy Valentines Day!) (144 days to Staging)

  • Accepted my invitation
  • Voluteneer portal opened
  • MAP tasks opened


  • Fingerprints done
  • Mailed in Visa and Passport Application and Legal kit


  • Dropped off my paperwork for my Allergy Doctor


  • Doctor’s Appointment to complete MAP tasks (I already had the appointment for a follow-up for some medicine so I just called and changed the type of appointment when I got my invitation) My doctor filled the paperwork out while I was there since he is so wonderful!
  • Lab work completed


  • Received an email saying that I needed additional things for my Visa/Passport Application (I only sent in 2 passport photos and needed 3 sent in and I punched holes in my passport application, which is not allowed!)


  • Mailed in the corrected passport application and additional picture for my visa.


  • Initial Vaccination Appointment (At a local health department, found out that I have had the Yellow fever shot, but could not find proper documentation, so the search began for documentation) got the first round of shots.
  • Follow-up appointment to finish paperwork
  • Picked up lab work paperwork from the previous appointment.


  • Spoke to Nurse at the doctor’s office where I got my yellow fever vaccine, she found documentation of the information I needed and faxed it to me.  I then had to call back and explain what a yellow card is and that I needed that information written on a yellow card, thankfully she figured it out


  • The nurse called and told me my yellow card was ready to be picked up.
  • Eye Doctor appointment, she was also wonderful and filled out the paperwork while I was there.


  • Appointment to have final shots


  • All MAP tasks Submitted


  • MAP Tasks due


  • Urgent email from Peace Corps South Africa Country Desk Officer, saying that the visa application process has changed and we need to get new fingerprinting done ASAP and get another background check done through myFBI background check.


  • Received Legal Status Pending email
  • Got my second set of Fingerprint cards done and sent into myFBI.


  • Received notice that my fingerprint card has been received and they would begin my background check.


  • Received notice that my background check was complete and they would be mailing my results to me.


  • Received background check in the mail


  • Received email that said “Your scheduled staging date is in eight weeks. At this time, you must select one of these two options:
    (1) Remain in your training class and await the results of your background investigation. It is possible that this will not happen five days prior to your staging date. In that circumstance, you cannot leave for service as planned. –OR– (2) Request to leave the training class in order to await your legal clearance. Once you receive clearance, your placement officer will discuss potential placement options with you. Choosing this option could include placement options in countries or work areas different than the ones you are currently planning for.”
  • Promptly replied that I would like to stay in my training group per the information I have read on reddit stating that most people receive clearance the week after this email is sent, and if you do not have clearance 5 days before staging you will still be put into a new training group.


  • Legal Clearance granted.
  • Sent in myFBI background check to my Country Desk Officer.


  • A Nurse is assigned to me, and reviews my tasks, 3 of which I submitted incorrectly, and needed updated information on 2 of them, these tasks were reopened for me to complete.


  • Spent the day getting the tasks corrected by my doctor.

5/19/17 (51 days til Staging)

  • 7:20 am- Submitted corrected tasks
  • 8:21 am- Received Medical Clearance
  • 9:30 am- Turned in my official resignation for my current job effective the end of the school year. (I had previously submitted a letter of intent that I would not be returning and spoke to my direct boss about my job, but had waited until medical and legal clearance to do it officially.)




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