Application Essay

From a young age, my mother instilled in me a duty to serve those who are less fortunate than myself. She exposed me to international travel at the age of eight and provided me with resources to serve and learn about others. Through these experiences that she has provided me I have gained a desire to continue working with these populations as an adult. Although I was unsure of how I wished to serve them and what path I would take.

I have been fortunate enough to have many opportunities to do this in my home community, through my position in the local school system and through my church, but these opportunities have only increased my desire to find new ways to serve. Previous positions that I have held with the School System have taught me how to work under and around people who share different values and beliefs as I do, and how to handle changes, and going into positions when those around you are established. My current position with the school system has provided me with many chances to interact with children from a variety of subcultures in our community and to grow myself in interacting with other professional and many different types of children. My church has provided me with leadership positions with the youth in our community and has given me the chance to learn my capabilities as a leader and to learn how to share my vision and mission for helping others.

A key way that I have learned to face challenges such as those that the Peace Corps will present me with is to surround myself with like-minded mentors and to open yourself to adapting to new ways. With the support of these mentors, I have been put in many situations that I felt the need to respectfully challenge decisions when I disagree.  I have learned not only how to stand up for myself and my beliefs but to submit to the final decision made by a higher authority, whether I fully agree with the choice or not.

The Peace Corps will give me the opportunity to take all that I have learned through my job and community volunteering and apply it to the demographic that I have not had the chance to reach long term. I believe that the best way to live is to challenge yourself and I feel that the Peace Corps will challenge me to apply my knowledge differently that I have in my previous endeavors. Also, Peace Corps will challenge me in other areas and provide me a chance to learn more about myself.


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