The past 7 days, and the next 51

This week has been a whirlwind, and I can hardly put it into words.  As of last Friday, I am officially an UNCG graduate and don’t know what do think about not having schoolwork since I have been enrolled in classes for nearly the entire past year and a half (with classes not only in the Fall and Spring semesters, but also winter and both summer semesters).

Monday morning I had no clue that by Friday morning I have would receive both my Legal and Medical clearance and would be finally on my official way to service. (Shoutout to the wonderful Nurse Nancy, who I fully believe never leaves work because she replied to my emails way later than I expected, and to my wonderful doctor’s office who were extremely efficient in helping me get last minute things done yesterday.)

Not only have I been receiving wonderful news from Peace Corps about my clearances, I have also began to look over my plans for the next 2 months, each of which will be vastly different.  Until June 13, I will be finishing up work, getting everything ready for my future replacement, and saying goodbye to coworkers and mentors.  After June 13 I am scheduling visits to the Mountains to go barn dancing (and see one of my favorite friends ever), going to the beach for a week with my nephew (and the rest of my family too) and filling the other days with last minute adventures with friends and family, (I might finish packing my stuff at some point in time, but I have already told my sister-in-law that she has to help me.)

My current goal is to keep my emotions in check because it is way to early to be getting emotional, although I cannot say that I have fully succeeded in this.  As so many aspects of my current world come to a close like school, work, and church commitments, I realize how lucky I have been to be involved in so much, and to have the chance of a Lifetime to Join an organization like the Peace Corps. I have been incredibly lucky with the amazing co-workers, friends, family, and students that I have been surrounded with, who are now cheering me on to this next chapter in my life.



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