27 facts: About Me (as told by my mom)

In honor of the 27 months I will spend in South Africa with the Peace Corps my mom wanted to write 27 facts about me from her perspective. So here are 27 facts about me from my mom!

  1. As a little girl, people would call her “Miss Hannah.” An indication that she already thought she was “the boss.”
  2. One time some kids took a soccer ball away from her older brother’s soccer team.  The boys wouldn’t go get it, but she marched right up to them and stated, “That ball is mine,” and took the ball back to her brother’s team
  3. She needs sleep.  When she was a child, I could set my watch at 8 pm each night because at that time, no matter where we were, she would pass out. 
  4. Even as a child of nine or ten, the heart of a teacher was to her as she was able to manage little kids and have them in control and on task in our preschool class.
  5. She would give you the shirt off her back.  Even if it meant, she was broke til payday, she still blesses people in ways that give them memories that will last a lifetime.
  6. She is so smart.  As a middle schooler, she would divide her papers into “passing” and “failing.” Anything above an “A” was passing; anything below an “A” was failing.  
  7. She is her own person.  If ten of her friends wanted to see a movie she didn’t like, she would come home.  No peer pressure for her!!!!
  8. She loves God.  At times when she seems quiet or aggravated, it is usually a time when she is wrestling with what God wants her to do and how she can do it.
  9. Carter John (Lil man) is the love of her life.  Being an aunt has brought her so much joy.
  10. Whoever is the underdog is the person she has the biggest heart for.  If you see a child or person who is rejected, that is the very one Hannah will come along side and encourage.
  11. Shoe shopping with Hannah is worse than ten root canals.  She questions everything about every shoe and if or if not she would really wear them.  I think she gets this from her grandmother who would always look for shoes and then state, “I don’t think they have made the ones I am looking for yet.” 
  12. Family is very important to Hannah and just like her mom; family is the people God puts in your life for you to love.  
  13. Hannah is a hard worker.  While there are some things you would see and not believe that (like her room); Hannah puts a lot of time and thought into what she does.  
  14. Creativity is the driving force in every event, task, and project she undertakes.  Many of lengthy conversation have been held between Hannah and me about all the various options before a plan of action is decided upon.
  15. Her brother is dear to her.  Just like any sibling, they have their differences, but she will come to his rescue in a heartbeat.
  16. She believes in the body of Christ (the church). She has been through tough time in a church, but instead of giving up, she kept looking and praying and is the reason we visited and are members of Uwharrie Community Church.
  17. If Hannah could spend a day with anyone who has passed away, it would be her grandmother Lucille.  She adored her, and her maw maw adored Hannah.  When her grandmother had Alzheimer’s,  at times, Hannah was the only one who could get maw maw to take her meds and get in the car to go to the doctor.
  18. Hannah has a second family in Kenya.  Although she has only met them once, she has known them for over ten years. She is in contact with them and knows they are praying for her and if she needed them, they would move mountains to get to her and help her.
  19. Gracien Treece is like a sister to Hannah!!!!!!! Although she isn’t her “real” sister, she loves her like one.  Gracien and Hannah have had some wonderful times together.  From being “zombies for hire” to lots of great concerts.  Life is a party when they are together.
  20. Passion is a driving force in Hannah’s life.  She has had some times of indecision and having to back up and start down the path of a career and adulthood a few times.  She is not afraid to punt and start again to make sure she is in the place and career her heart is content with.
  21. Although Hannah doesn’t like change, she has been a champ with the many changes in her life.  Given personal, professional, and academic challenges, she ends up making lemonade out of the sourness that living hands out.
  22. Hannah’s sister in law, Keisha is a blessing to her.  It is funny to see such opposite in personality people interact, but she will tell you in a heartbeat, Keisha has stuck by her and she has stuck by Keisha.
  23. Co-workers have enriched Hannah’s life so much! I know you think when you have a person working with you, you impart how to do the job, but Robi Cagle and Rachel Coleman and surely imparted more than that.  They have encouraged, challenged, and modeled lives of giving and risking and shown her how rich the payoff of leading with your heart can be.
  24. Hannah loves peanut butter.  She has been told that is the one thing all Peace Corp volunteers miss.  So if you send her a care package, stick a jar in.
  25. At the age of fourteen, Hannah began working as a volunteer one-on-one for an autistic preschool child.  This humble beginning has fueled the fire in her to devote her life to education and especially the necessities of special needs individuals.  And, she is wonderful and great at this.  It may be Heaven before she really understands the impact she is made in the students’ lives of her students and their parents.
  26. The Peace Corp has been a dream for Hannah in the last few years.  She has always wanted to travel and make a difference in the world.  While her brother says he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to leave and move to anyplace besides Stanly County, Hannah has always stated, “I am getting out of here.”
  27. Hannah has a mother whose heart is very similar to hers.  That is why as I am counting down the days and have butterflies in my stomach and questions about her safety and missing her, I would not ever dream of taking this opportunity away from her.  She has a mom that believes in God and believes he is able to keep her wherever she travels in this world.  She has a mom, which in the same circumstances, would be packing up and heading out for an amazing adventure herself.  She has a mom that will always pray and stand in faith for her as she whispers through her tears when the airplane leaves the ground, “Fly, Sweet Girl!!!!! Like a butterfly rids himself of his cocoon, be the beautiful, free butterfly God has created you to be.”

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  1. Beautiful tribute to “Miss Hannah”. God has, and will continue, to use and bless you in mighty ways! You’ve had a servants heart since the day I met you…just like your mother. Love you both!

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