Schedule for my first two weeks and mailing address

I leave on Sunday for South Africa! Yahoo! (as Carter would say) I will have very little computer and phone access during my first three months.  I do have a schedule for the first two weeks, so here it is: Sunday, July 9 1:00 - 2:41 PM: Flight From CLT to PHL 5:00 - 7:00... Continue Reading →


27 Adjectives To Describe Hannah (From her Aunt Gwen)

Adventurous Brave Caring Determined Empathetic Fair Generous Heartfelt Inquisitive Jovial Knowledgeable Levelheaded Marvelous Nonconforming Openness Passionate Questioning Resilient Style Thoughtful Uncommon Vehement Worthy Xenial Yearning Zealous BLESSED    

The past 7 days, and the next 51

This week has been a whirlwind, and I can hardly put it into words.  As of last Friday, I am officially an UNCG graduate and don't know what do think about not having schoolwork since I have been enrolled in classes for nearly the entire past year and a half (with classes not only in the... Continue Reading →

27 facts: Education In South Africa

In honor of the 27 months I will be spending in South Africa with the Peace Corps I have compiled a list of 27 facts about the Education System in South Africa. The Primary and Secondary education system in South Africa is governed by The department of Basic Education. Like the states in the U.S.,... Continue Reading →

27 facts: Peace Corps

In Honor of the 27 months, I will spend serving in the Peace Corps here are 27 facts about the Peace Corps. Peace Corps was 0fficially established on March 1, 1961, by President Kennedy. More than 225,000 Americans have served in the Peace Corps, with around 7,000 currently serving or in training. Peace Corps Volunteers... Continue Reading →

Let’s Pray

Peace Corps is not a Christian organization, and my views in this post in no way reflect the beliefs of the Peace Corps but as my own beliefs. Shortly after accepting my invitation for Peace Corps South Africa I sat down and created a prayer list for my time leading up to my service.  (I... Continue Reading →

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